Hello fellow busters-we are proud to say that the final booklet will be up and ready to be downloaded/printed at your own convenience!

Don’t forget to tell us about your experience! #bodegabusters

Booklet Update

Hey guys!

The final version of our booklet will be up and available by no later than Wednesday, December 12th, 2012.

Stay tuned! :)


You’re in a rush. All you need is a snack to hold you over. You stop in your nearest bodega, pick up a bag of chips, and head to the counter to pay. You just want to be on your merry way, but you see a sign behind the register that reads: “$10 card minimum.” You’re low on cash, and you only have your card. The man behind the counter points to the shelf and tells you to buy more stuff you don’

t need. Add a soda you won’t drink, add a candy bar you won’t eat, add a pack of gum you won’t chew. Now you’ve paid $10 for a bag of chips and a handful of unnecessary, useless shit just to use your card.

Well…did you know debit card minimums are prohibited through the contractual agreement between a business and the card provider?

Bodega Busters is a community of consumers sharing their experiences, frustrations, and methods of overcoming this issue. Have you run into problems with your local corner store? Have you successfully avoided an established card minimum? We want to know! Post your story on our Facebook, tweet us the bodega’s location on Twitter, or share a pic with us on Instagram.

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